Sally's work is mainly built and sculptural. She uses a range of clays, enjoying the contrast between very 'earthy' raku fired stoneware and finer porcelain clays. she enjoys making marks with fire and smoke, using pit firing and raku firing methods.

sally is currently exploring the intuitive nature of choosing materials, along with the resilience of human nature: the strenth and the fragility of us all. being part of nature is something Sally has enjoyed from a very young age, feeling contentment and a sense of belonging there. also, from her time living in Ireland, and now in Cornwall, she feels a strong connection to 'those who have gone before' - the hands that have made ceramics of beauty throughout the ages. Sally does not like to explain each of her pieces, she prefers the viewer to bring their own story to it. 

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Height 24 cm / 9 12"
Width 17 cm / 6 34"