Cornish Sky in Red

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Light falls across a ploughed field and onto buildings in the mid ground, highlighting them against a dark, menacing sky. Under this storm a cluster of buildings can just be picked out and it's hard to not feel sorry for anyone caught out by this very Cornish rain storm. Ink and acrylic on Fabriano heavyweight paper, varnished. Framed in a simple but classic open, white wood box frame. Steven Buckler is a Cornish artist whose expressive mark making and bold use of colour not only captures the unique landscape in all its glory, but also the light and atmosphere for which Cornwall is famed. Steven works almost entirely on paper, favouring a high quality heavy Fabriano paper. In order to ensure the work is preserved and protected he applies a clear varnish to finished pieces and ensures that all mounting is done with specialist acid free materials. The final result is a work on paper more robust than a canvas and with the same longevity. CLICK AND BUY OR PHONE 01326 219323, mobile 07913 848515

Height 46 cm / 18 14"
Width 65 cm / 25 34"
Framed height 54 cm / 21 12"
Framed width 73 cm / 28 "
Framed depth 4 cm / 1 34"