Martin Fowler's paintings are joyful and uplifting with their bright vibrant colours and heavily applied paint. His subjects are from his travels around the Cornish and Scottish coastal areas beautiful hidden coves. Martin's recent work are from. " The Prevailing Sense of Change " These paintings are from his ongoing project, intensified by the prevailing sense of change of coastal working ports to the rural/ urban landscapes of Britain, from childhood memories to the present which record and reflect the constant change and adaptions of entire ways of life. acrylic on board Martin John Fowler born and lived in the mining towns of South Yorkshire. He studied drawing and painting at the Doncaster College of Art later studying painting and printmaking at Sheffield College of Art where he gained his BA (hons) in fine art. Martin has exhibited both nationally and Internationally with his work in many private collections 6 Items

Framed height 58 cm / 23"
Framed width 58 cm / 23"