Atlantic Approaches III is of a recent series of small but exquisitely created by Patrick Haughton acrylic on paper Evidence of the transitory nature of exitance is all around us; I seek to share my perception of the world we inhabit, the traces of the natural forces which shape our world, the impact of the physical and social activity of humanity upon it, today and in the past. Works evolve in the process of making; of construction, assembling, drawing and painting, using a variety of graphic media on paper, canvas and board. in some cases I integrate fragments of found objects and documents with graphic media, introducing an element of physical reality into the imagery. influences on my painting are many. visual artists such as Picasso and Braque, Nicholson and Hepworth, Feiler and Weschke are clearly important to me. more than half a century ago, as a young art student, I first visited Cornwall I had no idea at that time that the work of our tutors; then prominent members of the St, Ives artistic community, would come to affect me profoundly. That experience took many years to mature, and developing my personal imagery, building on the work of my predecessors, is an ongoing process. the music played in my studio - anything from baroque to the 20th century composers, and contemporary jazz music of Shostakovich ("Isca" 1 & 2), Rautavaara ("Cantus Arcticus") Arvo Part ("A Single Note:Levant") - and a quartet celebrating the International Musician Seminars (IMS) of Prussia Cove. In the final analysis I would hope that the work is an honest reflection of my own personal experience of life. Patrick Haughton, TO PURCHASE THIS WORK PHONE 01326 219323 mobile 07913848515 or click and buy on our website

Framed height 40 cm / 15 "
Framed width 46 cm / 18 14"