Between Intimacy and Delicacy Sabrina's paintings aim for the heart. They put us in tune with our own emotions and delicately unveil the secrets of our inner self, our private thoughts, our doubts and weaknesses. Sabrina concentrates her emotional memory to express all of its depth and richness. Through painting, she reaches out inviting you to experience similar memories . Sabrina sees her paintings as a way to connect.When they are born, her paintings reveal a thought lived or felt, an emotion drawn from deep inside of her a message she wants to is only recently Sabrina has been able to devote herself fully to her passion of painting. Her paintings are the fruit of many trials dating back to her childhood, of discoveries, of works by ancient or contemporary artists, and of creatively enriching encounters. As a self-taught painter, she constantly experiments with new found techniques.Sabrina paints with acrylic to superimpose layers of paint without limits, to sand them, to engrave them... There are no restrictions, whether in the format or in the form. This is why She paints on wood that she shapes and prepares herself, she also makes her own frames. From the support to the finishing touches, Sabrina creates everything with great meticulousness and everything is important because each stage of creation participates in the soul of her work. Her light-flooded studio overlooking her beautiful garden, She returns back to her brushes and colours to let them express themselves and turn her inspiration into images. A moment of love and deep happiness that she feels so lucky to be able to share through her art