JOHN HARVEY, was born in Westbury Street, Attercliffe, Sheffield in 1960 on Christmas day. Here he grew up in the red brick, back to back houses of the town. John’s childhood was spent playing in the back-yards of his and neighboring houses with the other boys. The walls that separated these homes were always the source of great fun and games for the lads, acting out their own version of fighting scenes from the TV series, Simon Templar (The Saint). For many years John worked in the steel industry, until it went into decline. It was this that instigated his move to Cornwall. John is a charming softly spoken man with a smile like the sunshine peeping from behind a cloud, he takes great pleasure in painting and creating things, and has also  built his own house here in Cornwall. John Harvey is now a full time artist, his paintings are full of the love and warmth that comes from his past; all you have to do is to dive in and share John Harvey’s memories with him – he is there waiting for you, with a warm welcome.

Height 41 cm / 16 14"
Width 30 cm / 12"