A beautiful painting from this artists Cloud series , another of his stunning women .oil on canvas  Joseph Capicotto usually works on  more than one painting at a time , between 3-6 is the norm. Not only does he bounce around from one painting to another, he also goes back and forth with the mediums. For most part his paintings are oils, though much of the texture comprises of acrylic gels and modelling paste. The conte pastels and ink strokes you see are not careful outlines, but rather quick spontaneous strokes going on with the music playing in his headset. People  often ask if he sketches something out  first and then paint, the answer is of course "no"  There is no order or formula in Joseph's method. There is however a lot of layering, the layers are not in any particular order of medium. It is just  to what he feels will look best for a particular piece.contact 07913 848515 to purchase this painting

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Height 102 cm / 40 "
Width 102 cm / 40 "